what do you provide?

Almost everything. Please see our pricing page here to see everything that you get when booking Last Call Craft Cocktails for your event!

what are your prices?

20/pp minimum of $1200

do you use plastic or glass?

Clear hard plastic.

is there a deposit?

Yes, 1/4 of total event price

are you insured?

Yes, we can also provide per event additional insureds.

I need to cancel, what do I do?

Please let us know at least one month prior to your event.

we want different beer/wine does that change the price?

Yes, please let us know what you want so that we can get you the best prices.

not everybody will be drinking, how much less will you charge me?

Prices are based on all adults attending that are 21+

do we have to use your bar?

Yes, our bars are built specifically for craft cocktailing, this is built into our price.

can we use our own bar?

Sorry, no. A black table cloth on a table will not do. in some situations we can use the existing bar at a venue but it must be approved first.

how long does setup/breakdown take?

Setup is between 1-2 hours, breakdown is under an hour.

can i change the drink names?

Absolutely! We love designing a menu to fit your exact event!

can you do a champagne toast?


what are your uniforms?

Grey button ups, black vests, black pants, black shoes.

how long does the bar stay open for?

Generally a standard event goes for 4 hours, but you can of course extend this.

how far do you travel?

Where ever you want! we charge 51c/mile for any locations that are 20 miles outside of the Richmond area (as per the IRS’ 2011 standard rates and mileage report).

do we get to keep the alcohol?

Yes, all spirits provisioned for your event are yours to keep.

I only want the bar open for x hours, does that change the price?

No, the prep work and setup/breakdown vastly outweighs the actual duration of the event and prices are set based on the standard 4 hour event time.

can you do a cash bar?

Yes and no. A liquor license needs to be acquired in order to sell spirits in the state of VA. Weddings and private events that are open bar do not require a license. If you obtain a license through vaABC we are more than happy to run the bar portion of the event. all of our staff are bar tenders at popular restaurants in and around town and are more than capable of running any p.o.s. system to facilitate alcohol sales.

how much space do you need?

One 8’x10’ space per bar.

do you provide water?

Yes, we want all of your guests to stay hydrated!

can we provide our own staff?

Sorry, no. All of our bar tenders have at minimum of 5 years experience and have been trained by us. also they have completed alcohol awareness classes (T.I.P.S. / T.O.P.S.) and our insurance only covers our own employees. it would be a legal and logistical nightmare for you to provide your own staff. 

can i just rent the bar?

Sorry, no. We custom built these bars for the specific purpose of craft cocktailing at events. it simply does not make sense for us to transport and set up a bar without servicing your event.