Your event is a special and we'll make the cocktail menu to prove it! We provide full bar service catered to your tastes and desires. Unsure of which drinks you want to choose? No problem, we have decades of experience and can help make suggestions for you. Here are just a few of our favorites from you too look over!


Last Call Daiquiri 

Sometimes you just need to kick back and enjoy the simpler things in life. The Last Call Daiquiri only has three ingredients. Lime, simple syrup, rum, and rum...well that's more then three but after one of these who would want to count? 


Dark 'n stormy

Hailing from Bermuda, this ginger heavy drink is just as delicious as it's name is ominous. Drink up and batten down the hatches! 


Blackberry Margarita

Take a classic cocktail and sweeten it up with fresh muddled blackberries and you get a drink that will make you feel the cool ocean breeze running through your hair! 



You can already expect a certain level of street cred if you order a Negroni at a bar, but if you order it's moody fraternal twin-a mix of whiskey, Campari, and sweet vermouth-and pronounce it correctly. You'll turn heads! 


Mezcal Old Fashion 

 In place of the traditional bourbon, this Old Fashion is split with mezcal and reposado tequila. It's a delicious take on a classic cocktail. Bueno. Muy Bueno. 


the New York Sour 

Dress up a whiskey sour with a little bit of red wine and you'll get the New York Sour! With a look that's as mysterious as it is captivating, this cocktail makes its own scene regardless of the city it's in. 


the Velveteen Rabbit

Ever wonder what Bugs Bunny drinks...wonder no more. Vodka, ginger beer, and carrot juice will keep you going, and going, and going.