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Josh Le 



With over 13 years of tending bar under his belt, he has worked in many popular Richmond area restaurants and night clubs. If you have been out on the town or just had a casual dinner and drinks it is likely that you have had one of his all-star cocktails! His unmistakable charm and charisma make it easy to loose track of time if you are seated at his bar. As co-owner of of Last Call Craft Cocktails, you will likely see him behind one of our bars or overseeing the event. One thing is for sure, you are not likely to forget meeting Josh. 

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Kenny Barnes



Starting his mixology career at the age of 13, when his grandfather showed him how to make the perfect old fashioned, Kenny had an early lesson in hosting. You are equally likely to see him behind one of our bars, or running around behind the scenes making sure the party is running just right.